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Axe Cop


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Animated comedy TV series “Axe Cop” season 2 will display the main character’s unexpected meetings with impure bloodsucking creatures, flights to astronomic bodies in order to prevent possibly disastrous events-to-be, being accompanied by Cop’s colleague and friends. Meeting old tribal nations ends with punishment and spooky experiments with people’s body parts, blackmailing of the police officer with his terrible personal mystery results in his “business mission”, zombie apocalypse may come, party in the center of the ocean will be held, a war between tigers and sharks is yet to outburst. In addition to that, Lobster Man, Sand People, Lord Diamond, Gorilla Planet and many other brain-twisting feature places and creatures will be met in this telly show. “Axe Cop” will describe soul draining, God and his eternal opponent, owl army (!) and Extincter. Enjoy.

Axe Cop season 2 download full tv show episodes

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