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Billy Bob Thornton, Tania Raymonde, William Hurt, Maria Bello, Olivia Thirlby, Sarah Wynter

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“Goliath” series is based on the Bible characters that were brought into our epoch. The main character is an up-and-coming lawyer. In season 1 Billy MacBryde proved to be a professional. During the cases he was always able to find a proper argument, to search the slightest detail that allowed to outrun the opponent. Even the stars like him are not guaranteed that they will remain on the peak of fame, though. Bill’s field is full of opponents who grow in number day by day. MacBryde has always been sure in his abilities and was not afraid of any cases. Once he faced a powerful business mechanism, which resulted in total fail. He started drinking alcohol and searching his clients in ambulances. Once he sees a chance for a worthy case and regaining his name and career level. He will have to work against corporation and must remember all his best techniques and methods in order to win. “Goliath” will portray the arduous work of professionals.

Goliath season 1 download full tv show episodes

Episode 1

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Episode 2

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Episode 3

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Episode 4

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Episode 5

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Episode 6

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Episode 7

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Episode 8

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Other seasons of the show

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How many episodes?

  • Episode1 (S01E01):

    air date: 2016-10-14

  • Episode2 (S01E02):

    Pride and Prejudice

    air date: 2016-10-14

  • Episode3 (S01E03):

    Game On

    air date: 2016-10-14

  • Episode4 (S01E04):

    It's Donald

    air date: 2016-10-14

  • Episode5 (S01E05):

    Cover Your Ass

    air date: 2016-10-14

  • Episode6 (S01E06):

    Line of Fire

    air date: 2016-10-14

  • Episode7 (S01E07):

    Beauty and the Beast

    air date: 2016-10-14

  • Episode8 (S01E08):

    Citizens United

    air date: 2016-10-14

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